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School Consultancy

Choosing a school for your child can be a daunting and time consuming process, but get it right, and it will be the best decision you will ever make. You are investing in your child’s today and tomorrow. With over 2500 independent schools in the UK and several hundred in Hong Kong and China, the challenges for each geographical region are completely unique and our bespoke approach reflects this. 



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For generations, British boarding schools have set the gold standard for education. Sons of the international elite and British expatriates have been sent to be molded into ‘English Gentlemen’. Whilst much has changed in recent years, including the introduction of co-education, weekly and flexi boarding, and a much more sensitive pastoral approach, top British schools still aim to produce boys and girls with character, confidence and the x-factor that cannot simply be defined by good grades. 


Hong Kong

As Asia’s world city, Hong Kong is home to numerous nationalities and cultures and this is very much reflected within its education community. With the recent influx of international schools in Hong Kong, parents are now presented with more school choices than ever and as a result, have genuine alternatives available to them rather than automatically seeking education overseas. Hong Kong international schools tend to take the best of East and West, with a focus on creativity and innovation running alongside a commitment to excellent grades. 



Informed Chinese parents have long appreciated the lifetime advantages a British Education can bestow on a child. Mainland China is already the largest source of foreign-born pupils at British boarding schools. The number currently stands at 10% or 8000 pupils. As well as encouraging innovation and creativity, many appreciate the social and emotional benefits gained from attending a well-established, prestigious boarding school in the UK. By completing secondary education in the UK the path is eased to British and US universities, a global alumni network and excellent international career prospects. 

“She got into them all!!! Thanks to you!” 

– Student won a place at Thomas’s Battersea, UK. (Hong Kong, 2017)