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A word from Founder and Director, Juliet Fairclough

As an elite international education consultancy, we aim to ensure parents are armed with as much up-to-date knowledge and options, to help with what is arguably one of the hardest decisions a parent will make for their child: that of schooling.

Juliet Fairclough

Juliet Fairclough

With a combined 20 years experience, and being qualified teachers and long-term expats ourselves; Stephanie and I are exceedingly well-placed to advise and guide you and your children through the school application process; be it for the UK, or the international school systems in HK, Greater China and the U.S. 

With three young children of my own, I know the emotional and time burden it places on families. Like all parents, I understand that each of my children has different needs, strengths and personalities. Should I send them to boarding school in UK? If they stay in Hong Kong for school where’s best for their secondary education? How do I begin to choose between the array of excellent international schools that exist here in Hong Kong and in Greater China?  There’s so much more choice for an international school education compared to nearly two decades ago, when I first arrived in Hong Kong. But, with much choice can come greater deliberation and it can be hard to sift through all the information given, and get to what really matters: finding the right ‘fit’ for your child. This is where we can help and these are all questions we will explore in a series of blog posts over the comings weeks.

Juliet Fairclough and Stephanie Wright

Juliet Fairclough and Stephanie Wright

What sets Wright & Wright apart from other educational consultancies out there is our very personal approach. One size certainly does not fit all. Our families might come from Mainland China, UK or Timbuktu, so they will need this personalised service. And coming from a background in concierge as well as education, we will go the extra mile to make this process as stress-free as possible.

We will be holding your hands through every single application form to make it as quick and easy as possible (which is important when many Hong Kong application forms take two hours per child)! 

So, welcome to Wright & Wright’s blog page, where we aim to address all types of pertinent questions relating to your child’s education and the school decision making process overall.   We’ll be chatting to industry leaders, key influencers, parents and teaching staff, too, to ensure our advice and guidance is always relevant, timely, accessible and honest. 

We’d love to hear from you, so do follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn and feel free to pose any questions you’d like us to cover on our Blog. 

  • Juliet Fairclough, Founder and Director, Wright & Wright